Is Bigger Better?

Is Bigger Better?

2 BHK or 3 BHK?

It is a difficult dilemma since both have their respective pros and cons. People generally push themselves for a bigger home, thereby straining their finances. Cost is just one of the limitations to buy a 3 BHK flat. The reasons to choose 2 BHK over 3 BHK units are further given below:


The first and foremost reason to go for a 2 BHK flat is its nominal cost. For obvious reasons like size, the cost of a 2 BHK flat is much less compared to a 3 BHK unit. Thus making it affordable for the majority middle-class population of India.


The expenditure on a house does not end with buying it. Furniture, machines, and other aesthetics require a lot of money. Furthermore maintaining the cleanliness and decorum of the house is also no easy task. 3 BHK of bigger size with maintenance based on per sq. ft. model will drastically increase monthly maintenance. In that case, a smaller house makes it easier for the dweller to maintain it. Another point for 2 BHK!!


2 BHK flats are always in huge demand, making them a better choice for investment as they are easier to sell or rent out. 2 BHK flats have a higher value of appreciation which means that the value of the asset will continue to increase with time. So you are up for a profit no matter how old the asset gets.


2 BHK units are perfect for nuclear families and couples but are not very ideal for bigger families.

Practically 3 BHK flats have nothing more to offer than its size whereas 2 BHK flats prove to be more suitable for people of all classes. Stating the points above, I’d say 2 BHK outweighs 3 BHK in terms of the advantages offered.

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