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Vastu Compliance

Express Builders ensures our homes delivered are Vastu Compliant.

What is a Vastu Compliant home?

A study by one of the popular real estate portals Housing.com revealed that over 90% of home-buyers prefer vastu compliant homes. Considering the dependency and beliefs of the Indian inhabitants on the principles of Vastu-shastra, real estate developers are now building homes and apartments that are Vastu compliant.

Express Builders is one of the builders in Noida that offers Vastu compliant homes at Express Zenith located at Sector 77, Noida.

Vastu is an ancient science of architecture through which a pleasant setting can be made in a residence or office. There are some rules laid down according to Vastu-Shastra for flat selection which must be followed before going out to choose a flat:

  • Flat must be of regular shape such as rectangular or square.
  • The apartment should not fall on the dead end of the road. Any T-point buildings should be avoided.
  • While selecting flat check properly that every room has four corners or walls.
  • There should be more openness in North/East sides as compared to South/West sides.
  • Check that lift should not face the entrance.
  • Study table of children must be kept in Northern or Eastern wall.
  • Flat must have Eastern balcony which is important and auspicious.
  • Kitchen and toilets should not be adjacent in a flat.
  • Balconies should be on the north, east or north- east directions.
  • The master bedrooms should be in the southwest corner of the house.
  • The drawing room should be in northwest, east side of the apartment.
  • The kitchen must be situated in the southeast. The cook should face east while cooking.
  • The kitchen should never fall in Northeast side.
  • The position of the bed should be in such a way that one sleep with head towards South.
  • The bathroom should be constructed in the west or south direction.
  • The toilet should never fall in Northeast side.
  • There should be a place for the worshiping room in the Northeast part.
  • The store room should be constructed in the southern part of the building.

The Vedic texts report that living in Vastu homes leads to the following positive effects:

  • Good health, wealth and happiness for everyone.
  • Increased good fortune, good reputation.
  • Prosperity and abundance.
  • Stable peace of mind and well being
  • Increased creativity and success.
  • Harmonious relations and great comfort.
  • Coherent thinking and decision making.
  • No problems in private and professional life.
  • Support of nature in all areas of life and daily living
  • Fulfillment of all desires
  • Victory over adversaries
  • Longevity and fulfillment

Last updated on 09 May 2018.

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