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Should you go for a Studio Apartment or a 1BHK?

Studio or 1BHK?

Both studio and 1 BHK apartments are ideal for bachelors, working individuals or single occupants. For people unaware about what a studio apartment is, it is an apartment where the bedroom, living room and kitchenette are combined in a single room.

Studio apartments are not very common in India however their demand is gradually increasing with an increase in the working population. Demand for 1 BHK units has also seen growth for the same reason.

If you plan to live on your own, these points should be kept in mind before buying a studio or 1BHK unit:


People looking for studio or 1 BHK apartments are mostly working, students or bachelors with not many resources. They prefer flats of affordable which means a very minor price. The unit that fits the bill in this case is studio apartment. A 1 BHK unit is equipped with some additional amenities at a slightly higher price.


Studio apartments consist of a single room that is utilized as a bedroom, hall and kitchen with a separate bathroom. Whereas a 1 BHK unit has separate rooms for every purpose.


Size need not be prioritized first since studio apartments may be large compared to a 1 BHK apartment or may not be. So size of both may vary as per the real estate developer building them.


For obvious reasons if you have a lot of furniture to fit in or luggage to store 1 BHK unit is the right choice. Since the number of rooms is not limited to one like a studio apartment more stuff can be stored.


Celebrating any occasion or just inviting few friends over is more feasible in a 1 BHK unit than a studio apartment. The single room in a studio apartment where everything is stuffed in makes it congested and is not presentable enough for any social gatherings.

Choosing a studio flat and a one-room condo when living all alone comes down to organizing your needs- on the grounds that no one recognizes what you require more than you. It additionally relies on the condo you can discover in your general vicinity.

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