The Express Builders Group developed more than thirty projects over a period of last 40 years covering residential complex and commercial complex in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Name of Project Place Year Brief Details on Project
Express Apartments Bangalore 1982-83 Residential complex of 30 luxury apartments
Gitanjali Layout Bangalore 1984-85 Mini-residential layout of 300,000 sqft.
Express Apartments Hyderabad 1984-85 Residential complex of 100 apartments
Express Market Delhi 1986-87 Commercial complex of 20 shops and 20 offices
Super Bazar Moradabad,(U.P.) 1987-88 Commercial cum residential complex   of 130 shops, offices and 15 apartments.
Express Tower Delhi 1989-90 Commercial complex of 32 shops and 85 offices.
Ashirwad Enclave Delhi 1991-92 Residential complex  of 112 apartments
Gitanjali Apartments Bangalore 1992-93 Residential complex of 45 deluxe apartments.
Express Plaza Delhi 1993-94 Commercial complex of16 shops and 30 offices
Express Market Delhi 1994-95 Commercial cum residential complex of 24 shops and 24 apartments.
Gitanjali Corner Bangalore 1997-98 Residential complex of 24 apartments.
Express Market New Delhi 1997-98 Commercial complex of  20 shops and 30 offices
Express Apartments Vaishali 1998-99 Residential apartments of 145 luxury apartments spread over 1,50,000 sq ft.
Daffodills Bangalore 1999-00 Residential apartments of 72 apartments spread over an area of 75,000 sq ft.
Indus Valley School Noida 2000-01 Senior Secondary School with area of

2, 00,000 sq.ft.

Palm Court Bangalore 2002-03 Residential Complex  of 32 apartments spread over 50,000 sq ft.
Express Residency Bangalore 2003-04 Residential complex of 16 super deluxe apartments spread over 25,000 sq ft.
Express Elegance Bangalore 2003-04 Residential Complex  of 12 apartments spread over 20,000 sq ft.
Express New city Bangalore 2003-04 Commercial complex for shops, showrooms and offices with ample parking space. Spread over 75,000 sq ft
Express House Bangalore 2003-04 Commercial Building
Express Building Delhi 2003-04 Commercial Building spread over 10,000 sq ft.
Express Market Indirapuram 2005-07 Commercial Complex comprises of retail shops, showrooms & offices spread over 33,000 sq.ft


Express Garden Indirapuram  2007-09 Residential Complex comprises of 625 Apartments. Spread over 9,80,000 sq.ft