Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up Area. All you need to know

Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built-up Area. All you need to know

Carpet area, super built up area and built up area are quite common terms used in real estate sector. A majority of people think more the super area more the area can be used but this is not actual case.
So here is all you need to know about Carpet area, Built up area and Super built up area.

Carpet Area:

As the name suggests, the carpet area is the area that can actually be covered by a carpet. Carpet area is the net usable area of the apartment and it includes the internal partition walls of your apartment but excludes balcony, terrace or any other common area. On a simpler note carpet area is the area that can be used inside the apartment including internal walls partition, toilet, bedrooms, drawing room or hall or anything which is inside your apartment.

It’s always suggested to ask for the carpet area while going for a property. Generally carpet area is 70% of built up area. For instance if your built up area is 1000 sqft. then the carpet area of your apartment would be 700 sqft.

What is Carpet Area?

Carpet area = Area that can be covered by a carpet inside your apartment

Built up Area:

The total of carpet area and walls area makes it to built-up area. Built up area includes terrace, balconies, mezzanine floors etc. The built up area is 30% more than the carpet area.

If the carpet area is 700 sqft. then the built up area would be approximately 900 sqft.

What is Built up Area?

Built up area = Carpet area + area covered by walls.

Super Built up Area:

Also known as the “saleable area” Super built area is the combination of built area in addition to common areas. Common areas generally consist of corridor, lifts, lobby, DG room, security room, club house or any other common area in the society.

The change in area from super area to carpet area is also known as loading. This loading factor decides how much carpet area you will get.

The loading factor depends upon various things like type of property, more the amenities less the carpet area would be and many other factors are kept into account while deciding it.

What is Super Built Up Area?

Super Built up area = Built up area + Common area

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